The History of Coffee Part 2

coffee history

As coffee drinking grew in Arabia and Turkey many voyagers and traders tasted the brew and naturally they carried news of this back to their home land. Word reached Europe about the delicious new drink. The first consignment of coffee arrived in Venice in 1615 from Turkey. The drink soon reached Rome where once again it was condemned by the clergy as the drink of the devil. Feelings about it ran so high that Pope Clement VIII asked for a sample of the brew hoping to resolve the matter. […]

The History of Coffee Part 1


Many legends and stories surround the discovery of coffee. The tale of Kaldi an Abyssinian shepherd is perhaps the most favored by historians. One day, whilst sitting on a rock on the mountain slopes, Kaldi noticed that his normally docile goats had suddenly become exceptionally lively for no apparent reason. As he closely observed the goats he discovered they had been nibbling the bright red berries of a nearby […]