Gaggia Cappuccino Machine

Gaggia Cappuccino machine

If you are like most people, sometimes a plain cup of coffee is not enough. You want to experience the delicious taste of cappuccino. You also want having cappuccino to be convenient. When you have your own cappuccino machine at home, you can enjoy your favorite taste treat anytime you wish, without leaving home. The Gaggia Platinum Vision 90951 cappuccino machine is one of the finest models available […]

Delonghi coffee maker

Delonghi coffee maker

One of the stand out fetures of this machine is the commercail grade solid steel conical burr grinder. Not everyone like their coffee the same strength, some like it really strong whereas others prefer it quite weak. The Delonghi coffee makerhas a useful strength setting so you can adjust it according to your personal preference. […]

How To Make Espresso

espresso coffee cup

We get this request a lot, but the question should be – Its not so much as “how to make espresso” but more of what are the key factors that effect the way espresso coffee taste and remember that a good espresso is the essential base for cappuccinos, coffee Latte and many other gourmet coffee beverages. Below are all important information you need to know when making espresso […]