Saeco Coffee Machine

Saeco 10 Cup Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

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For those coffee aficionados who enjoy the taste and aroma of a freshly ground and brewed cup of Joe, they should look into Saeco coffee machines. This coffee machine can grind and brew up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. One can adjust the grind settings from fine to coarse with up to 8.5 ounces of beans grinded with a push of a button. This is helpful for those who have arthritis or just do not want the hassle of hand grinding the beans beforehand.

Advance Programming Features

The Saeco coffee machine also allows one to choose the strength of his or her coffee from mild, medium, and strong settings. If one chooses to use ground coffee instead, he or she can simply switch the grinder option to off. All the displays are visible and easy to understand. This is a great feature for those who are not quite awake before taking that first sip of coffee, but still like to be able to see what they are doing. This coffee maker also has a convenient reminder button that lets one know when the filter or machine needs to be cleaned. This is another great feature, because it is one less thing someone has to remember to do.

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There are many competitors out there for the Saeco coffee machines, such as the Cuisinart and Capresso coffee grinders. However, these machines only grind the beans, they do not make the coffee afterwards. That is why the Saeco is so beneficial. It is an all-on-one from grinding the beans to pouring the coffee into the cup.

Modem Design at a Low Price

Many people also have stainless steel appliances or accents in their kitchens now. The Saeco filter coffee maker comes in a beautiful stainless steel finish that will complement anyone’s current décor. It is elegant looking but will also be able to fade into the background of the countertop if one chooses to do so.

The Saeco coffee machine is a great option also because it is very reasonably priced at $149. It also qualifies for free shipping through Amazon with the Super Saver program click here… This is a phenomenal deal considering a plain Bunn coffee maker with no extra bells and whistles costs $99.99 or higher.

Overall, the Saeco coffee machines will be a great investment for anyone who loves coffee. It has a convenient all-in-one mode from grinding the beans to pouring that first cup of aromatic java. At such a reasonable price, one can purchase it for himself and give another as a gift with Christmas time around the corner.


  • 10-Cup thermal coffee maker with built in bean grinder
  • Programmable contol panel with oversized LCD to display all functions and settings
  • Top filling 10-cup water tank and swing out filter basket 
  • Conical burr grinder with adjustable grind settings from fine to coarse
  • Auto shut-off when brewing is complete
  • For the full list of features click here…

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