Jura Capresso ENA4 Automatic Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

Jura Capresso Espresso Machine

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Are you a coffee enthusiast who appreciates the aroma, rich creme and full body flavor of authentic Italian style espresso, cappuccino and latte? This Jura Capresso bean to cup grind and brew coffee maker makes gourmet coffees just like at you favorite Cafe Bar.

You will be making espresso just like an seasoned Batista because this machine is simple to operate and has advance programmable functions that  allows you to customize the strength and temperature to your desired taste.

Make Cappuccino by pressing a button

Steaming or frothing your milk for lattes or cappuccinos is made easy, simple and quick with the fully automatic dual frothing system, by simply placing the steamer wand into your milk pitcher cup filled with milk and select the dial setting to steaming for lattes or frothing for cappuccinos, and within seconds you steamed or frothed milk is ready.

If your love cappuccino or latte the Jura Capresso ENA4 one touch frothing system is a breeze to use. There is no messing with hot steam and you will have cafe quality beverages every time. If you have ever tried to froth milk the manual way or have seen professional Barista’s do it, you would know that this is a real skill. The milk temperature has to be perfect and if you over do it the milk will have that burnt taste, which is not very pleasant.

 Sweedish Engeneering and Design

Made in Switzerland this is a solid built Capresso coffee maker the front and top panel are finished in platinum metallic with chrome and matte silver accents, a removable cup platform in stainless steel and coffee spout in platinum metallic with side and pack panel in ristretto black. This Jura Capresso has a very compact design and will take up little room on your kitchen bench.

Built-in Burr Grinder and Water Filter

The Jura Capresso ENA4 has a Integrated professional solid steel conical burr grinder for consistent and aroma saving grinding. Five settings allow you to adjust the fineness for all kinds of beans, from light to dark roasts. 

Any coffee expert will tell you that the secret to brewing a perfect espresso that has a rich full flavor and a thick layer of golden creme on top, is to use freshly ground coffee beans. Once coffee beans have been grounded they start to deteriorate quickly and go stale. They lose much of the oils that are essential foe the flavor and creme.

The Jura Capresso ENA4 will grind a fresh batch of beans for every cup you make and transport them straight to the thermoblock for high pressure brewing. Once the brewing is complete the used grounds a automatically delivered to the waste container, and thats how a fully automatic machine should do.

The built in ENA CLEARYL water  filter care will  remove chlorine and other impurities from your tap water for a better tasting coffee. A special organic additive removes almost all carbon and eliminates decalcifying altogether. there is also a cartridge change indicator makes sure that you always have the best water possible.  Another convenient feature is a separate automatic coffee funnel for pre-ground coffee useful for decaf or flavored coffees.

Watch the video review below and see this Jura Capresso espresso machine in action

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Jura Capresso ENA4 features

  • Will grind, tamp and brews your coffee
  • Height adjustable coffee spout almost any size of coffee cup will fit underneath
  • 7 oz. bean container. Grind up to 15 portions of coffee before refilling
  • The Dual Frother Plus is fast and easy to use, two settings for latte (steaming milk) and cappuccino (steaming and frothing milk)
  • LCD display dialog system. Gives you short, plain language instructions
  • Automatic cleaning cycle indicator prevents coffee oil build-up in the brew chamber
  • Automatic indicator when used coffee container is full. Used coffee container holds up to 12 coffee portions
  • Electronic water level sensor will never let the machine operate without water
  • DVD with detailed tips on brewing, frothing methods and cleaning included
  • For a full list of features click here…

Customer reviews

Review by  J. Allen
I lived in Switzerland for four years and while there my standards for coffee changed quite dramatically. Hence on my return to the US my first purchase was this machine. While I was living in Switzerland I went through two Nespresso machines which were a pain in the patootie to keep descaled and operational. Both were hosed by the time I left.

To read this original review in full and many others about this grind and brew machine  click here…

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