DeLonghi Italian Coffee Maker

DeLonghi Gran Dama Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Italian Coffee MakerThe DeLonghi brand has been infamous for their line of coffee makers of professional caliber.  This Italian Coffee Maker brand now takes pride in its Gran Dama Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine, claiming to come up with a nice brew with just one push of a button and in the comfort of one’s home.  Be it a macchiato, espresso or cappuccino, the programmable menu settings enable the production of any coffee of your choice in an instant.

All the modern features plus a lot more

The DeLonghi Gran Dama Italian Coffee Maker is an automatic espresso machine that can be used for both ground coffee and coffee beans.  It is integrated with a conical burr grinder with several settings to accommodate the texture of all sorts of beans. 

The strength of your chosen brew may be selected with the digital control panel equipped with a programmable menu setting.  The preferred cup size also determines brew strength – there is just an entire selection of functions that go with their buttons. 

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  • Inclusive of this espresso machine is a detachable milk container that can house up to 25 ounces of milk.  The container can be easily detached so that it can be placed in the fridge to prolong the milk’s shelf life when not in use.
  • This Italian Coffee Maker is equipped with indicator lights that signal cleanup time.  The removable drip tray and used coffee canister allows for easy cleaning as well.
  • The DeLonghi patented Single Touch hot milk frothing system allows for easy preparation of frothy concoctions such as cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Another patented system is the Direct-to-Brew method for instant grinding of beans for the freshest espresso brew.

This DeLonghi Coffee Maker would certainly appeal to anyone who adores coffee.  However, the price may seem too off putting because it is indeed expensive.  But for those who can afford to shell out a few thousand dollars, then this may just be the ideal device to fit an empty countertop space.  Durability wise, they can withstand long queues of cups in case of parties or other home occasions.

Watch the video review below to learn more

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Pros: True One Touch Automatic Machine

  • The double boiler system facilitates less waiting time between espressos and cappuccinos.
  • This Gran Dama Digital Super Automatic Espresso Machine is one Italian espresso Maker that can also deliver hot chocolate or tea with their hot water spout.
  • The pure stainless steel construction gives them the edge over others that are apparently marketed as steel as well but are actually plastic casings with just a few steel highlights.  They are undeniably more durable than others by casing alone.  The rest of its features are what makes this espresso maker an even more favorable option than others.
  • The digital programming allows for easy manipulation, not just with the brewing time but even with coffee temperature as well as coffee strength.

Cons: These machine is not cheap

  • Designed for the home setting, a price of more than $2,000 is very hefty and hard on the pockets.  The price is not as friendly as its other counterparts, especially the manual types.  However, its full steel casing justifies its worth if we are to compare it with other models.  Some are marketed as steel or chrome that are, in fact, plastic with just a bit of steel as accents.

Compared to top automatic brands, Krups, Jura and Saeco Espresso Machine, this Delonghi Italian Coffee Maker edge is its solid engineering.  The design makes it seem heavy but its kitchen presence is exceptional because of the pure, stainless steel casing.  Apparently, based on customer reviews, the Gran Dama is quieter than a Jura Capresso when in use.

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