Cuisinart 12 Cup Brew Central Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

4starCuisinart DCC-1200 12 Cup Brew Central Coffee maker

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This Cuisinart coffee maker has many features you would find in other automatic brew machines twice the price. The Cuisinarts DCC 600 is a compact unit with a stylish stainless steel finish. This modern designed programmable coffeemaker has many useful functions to make the brewing process very easy and simple with the minimal effort. Good automatic coffee maker should not only brew great coffee, it should also save you time and energy. This little beauty does just that plus more.

This is one of the most popular drip coffee makers on the market. Its very low price for a fully automatic machine its no surprise that there is over 1600 customers reviews of this machine (see links below to start reading some of these reviews. Don’t me turned off over the low price Cuisinart is a very well designed and built coffee brewer and has had lots of positive feedback and high ratings. Customers a very happy with the aroma and taste of the coffee and its consistence good performance.

The charcoal filter purifies the water ready for brewing, adding to the quality of the freshly grind and brewed aroma, taste and the flavor can be adjusted to the strength desired through the digital control panel. This Cuisinarts automatic filter coffee maker has a permanent one filter and does not require you to mess around with paper filters. If you prefer to use filters, a pack of number 4 filters come with the machine.

This brewer has eCuisinartDCC1200-filter-coffee-makerverything you would want plus a lot more. It’s easy to operate and maintain. The parts that need cleaning are detachable and are easily removed for cleaning. The is even a “clean” setting that displays when it’s time to clean your coffee brewer and to remove built-up calcification from the water reservoir, to help extend the life of the machine. Calcification can be a problem if you have poor water quality that may contain high levels of calcium.

The digital clock and timer allows you to programme the machine to have a freshly brewed filter coffee ready for you in the morning. That’s got to be the best thing about automatic brewers. Image waking in the morning to the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. There’s no need to stumble around still half asleep in the morning trying to make a brew. The coffee stays hot in the carafe after it is brewed. The carafe warmer can be set at low, medium, or high for the temperature depending on the temperature you need. The machine beeps five times when brewing is complete and just before the warming plate shuts off.

This filter coffee makeris also suitable for small offices and launch rooms. This 12 cup coffee maker is also able to be set to brew 4 to 5 cups or 6 to 12 cups, other features include a de-clarification indicator and heat adjustable warming plate. For those who love the aroma and rich flavor of freshly grind filtered coffee.  The Cuisinart DCC 1200 gives you all the features you need without blowing the budget. You will love the quality of coffee it makes in a short period of time, the flavor is superb. It looks modern and retro, will fit nicely on the counter bench and blends well with other stainless appliances.

Watch the video below to see this coffeemaker in action brewing a fresh pot of coffee


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  • Gold tone commercial style permanent filter
  • Digital clock and timer is programmable for automatic brewing
  • Brew coffee at the precise temperature you want
  • Automatically grinds whole beans before brewing
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Measures 14-1/4 inches high, 8 inches wide, and 10-3/4 inches deep
  • Limited 3-year warranty
  • For the full list of features click here…

Customer reviews

review by  Truth and Justice
Verified Purchaser
My 4 year old DCC 1200 sufferred from a broken carafe, and we were worried the hot plate was going too because the coffee wasn’t very hot. We saw in a recent CR that the DCC1200 is the best, so we just bought a new one from Amazon. We got the dark chrome which is very nice and good for avoiding that dirty stainless steel look.
The interior design, where the water resevoir is, is different from our old one. I took it apart as a father-son project (how stuff works). They have improved the model over time, which is always a nice thing to see.
My advice to you is… we were happy enough to buy another one.

 To read this original review in full and over 1,300 others about this grind and brew coffee maker click here…

Review by  B. Johnson
Verified Purchaser
Well, what does one say about a coffee maker? It makes coffee. I agree with some other reviewers that the water fill port is located a little bit awkwardly, but this is not a huge deal. The graduation marks in the water reservoir are useless; you really can’t see how much water is in there, so you need to measure out your water before pouring it in.
 It has some nice features.

 to read this original review in full and over 1,300 others about this filter coffee maker click here…

review by  Shoshana Ginzburg     
Verified Purchaser
My last coffee maker died this week. It’s been behaving erratically for months. So, I did the research on the net, and found this one. It’s a snap to set up, is simple and handsome, and it covers all the bases for function. It makes a great cup of coffee, a full 12-cup brew took so little time that I thought the sound signal that it was finished might be a mistake, LOL. The carafe is wide-mouthed glass, so it’s easy to get my hand inside it to wash it thoroughly.

 To read this original review in full and over 1,300 others about this automatic filter coffee maker click here…

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1 comment to Cuisinart 12 Cup Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

  • Franckie

    This is the third Cuisinart drip coffee maker I have owned. I got this one because it’s fully automatic and I can program the strength of the coffee and to have a brew in the morning when I get up.

    Using freshly grind coffee really does make a difference, You don’t get that bitter taste and the aroma is much stronger. Over all I would rate it 4 stars. I would give 5 if it had a thermal Karefe.

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