Gaggia Espresso Machine

Gaggia Espresso Machine

Gaggia Platinum Swing Automatic Espresso Machine with Milk Island also allows you to set your own preferred taste of coffee, as you can customize every shot by adjusting the dosage from 7 grams to 10.5 grams of espresso per shot. Whether you want the thickest cappuccino possible or the smoothest shot, Gaggia Platinum Swing Automatic Espresso Machine has everything […]

Commercial Coffee Maker

Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

The Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine is definitely a top pick if you are looking for a quality, reliable and yet still affordable coffee maker. If you are a coffee drinker and want to be able to wake up every morning or entertain with friends at night with some delicious coffee […]

Saeco Espresso Machine

Saeco espresso machine

Saeco are the world leader in automatic espresso machines, they are now offering you the new and improved Vienna Plus Super Automatic espresso grind and brew coffee maker producing maximum taste with a bold and impressive statement. Thanks to superior innovations in design and technology, the Vienna Plus line prepares espresso with perfect crema, aroma and flavor every […]