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Capresso Coffee Maker Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso 455 Drip Coffee Maker – Conical Burr Grinder

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The Capresso coffee maker with conigal burr grinder not only makes a great cup of drip coffee at home, it keeps it hot and fresh throughout the day. Who wants to waste time and gobs of money at the local coffee shop on a hurried morning? Why heat up a cup in the microwave and ruin the flavor when you can pour one hot and start book of ra 6 kostenlos spielen? It is easier to use and less burdensome then other methods of home coffee brewing.

Any true coffee coinsure knows that the most delectable cup of coffee only comes from fresh ground beans. Gone are the days of the tiresome and time-consuming coffee grinding task. No longer do multiple contraptions need to take up precious, coveted counter space. The potential for mess when transferring the grounds from bean to cup is unavoidable.

The Capresso coffee maker with conical burr grinder accomplishes the burdensome task of creating fresh grounds and brewing delicious, satisfying coffee in the convenience of one machine. A time saver, space saver and cleaner method, this handy appliance makes life that much easier.

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Advance Programming Functions

The convenience of the Capresso Coffee Maker timer is indispensible. Imagine waking to the tantalizing smell of freshly brewed coffee made from the freshest grind possible. It was as if a coffee shop had opened in the kitchen over night while everyone slept. This drip coffee maker has a good amount of flexibility, which makes it an ideal purchase over its competitors. It is simple program to brew a mild, medium or strong strength pot.

 The one button programming also allows the user to choose the amount they wish to make. Choices of 4, 6, 8, or 10 cups are available. Coffee is kept fresh in the thermal carafe, making it a great resource when brewing enough to last throughout the day or when brewing a fresh pot for company.

Easy to keep clean and use

One concern was if it would be easy to clean or not. No problem with the capresso coffee maker with conical burr grinder, it is simple and quick to take it apart, clean the pieces and reassemble for the next use. As with any machine, the parts have to be securely put on in the right order for it to function properly. The instruction booklet and DVD were indispensible when getting started. Grinding and home brewing fresh coffee may seem intimidating, but the instruction given helps it become a simple reality. This machines ease of use, flexibility, convenience and gratifying results made the ideal buy for both coffee grinder and brewer.

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Capresso Coffee Maker Features

  • Fully automatic stainless grind and brew coffee maker
  • Solid-steel conical burr grinder
  • Program 4, 6, 8, or 10 cups in mild, medium, or strong strength
  • Stainless-steel vacuum thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours
  • Clock/timer; drip stop, brew pause
  • black-on-white illuminated display
  • Measures 11 by 12 by 16 inches
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Programmed amount of beans directly into filter
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Customer grind and brew reviews

Customer review by coffee guy

Have owned this machine going on two years. Day in day out. A lot of coffee. The wife and I drink a pot each morning. No problems with this machine (a few coffee grounds get to the counter due to the not perfect sealing ‘removable soft collar’ on the cover lid for the grounds filter basket-but very small inconvenience considering the quality of coffee that comes out. Love the insulated carafe to take to the table and leave there. Has kept the coffee hot for two hours this way. This machine replaced a Cuisinart Grind and Brew. The Capresso coffee maker just a couple parts to clean and outside of the routine descaling- just no maintenance! 

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3 comments to Capresso Coffee Maker Conical Burr Grinder

  • Merji

    I have had this coffee maker for 3 months now and would recommend to anyone who loves brewed filtered coffee. The only complaint I have is that the burr grinder to noisy.


  • David Lee

    I agree with Merji, the grinder is loud. But all the rest I have to say is positive. I program it so when I get up in the morning there is a pot of freshly brewed coffee waiting for me. The Machine comes apart easy to clean the bits and pieces. And yes it makes great tasting HOT coffee.

  • Barb

    I purchased our CoffeeTEAM GS #464 Capresso in October 2009. As of last week the water would not dispense and the warming plate doesn’t heat up. About a few months ago, I set the timer to make coffee in the morning and the grinder kept running until I got out of bed and ran to the maker to stop it before it ground up all my beans in the container. I know I need to send it in for service, but I am a bit disappointed as I made a large investment for a coffee maker to begin with. I just got my owner’s manual book out to check the warranty and it is a one year warranty. I will send it in for service as I really love it. The coffee is delicious and hot. I wouldn’t get it fixed if I didn’t like it…

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