Breville Espresso Machine

Breville Barista Espresso Machine BES860XL

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                                                                The Barista BrevilleBreville Espresso Machine Espresso  Machine can extract your espresso at the ideal pressure and temperature to enhanced and balance the main flavor elements of espresso, which are; aroma, bitterness, body, nuttiness, sharpness and  always a rich creme.

Breville have gone to a great extent to produce the perfect espresso coffee machine for die hard espresso lovers who  insist on a traditionally brewed espresso with a generous layer of fine textured and evenly colored golden creme. To make  such a coffee first your need freshly ground coffee beans that a ground to the optimal coarseness for the flavor desired. 

Integrated Burr Coffee Grinder

The Barista Breville Espresso Machine has a integrated conical burr grinder allows you to select the fineness and coarseness of the coffee grind to be  adjusted for optimal espresso extraction. The portafilter is located below the integrated conical burr grinders so there is no  need to manually fill the basket on the  portafilter,  its will automatically be evenly filled with the selected dose of freshly  ground coffee. 

Once ground, coffee remains fresh for only a few short minutes and is therefore best to grind just before extracting. Pre-ground coffee deteriorates rapidly and over time produces thin flat coffee that has a light and small amount  of creme. The quality of freshly ground coffee is one of the most important factors in the preparation of a good espresso.

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Commercial Grade Quality and Design

Breville have engineered a unique advance brew and creme extraction filter system designed to slow the water flow rate  during brewing, allowing you to easily extract your espresso at the ideal pressure, for the enhanced creme. Creme is the caramel colored layer that floats on top of the coffee following extraction.The ground coffee is  moistened by a small amount of water before full extraction then expands resulting in greater  pressure build-up to extract  all the oils and full flavor from the freshly ground coffee beans.

This Breville Barista grind and brew coffee maker does more than authentic style espresso coffee, it comes equipped with a “steam wand” to heat and froth for gourmet style lattes and cappuccino’s. Remember that the most important ingredient of every great tasting coffee lattes and cappuccino’s is a perfectly brewed espresso for the base. The swivel action steam wand with stainless steel frothing attachment, easily adjusts to the perfect position for heating and frothing the  milk. The wand has a commercial style 360° ball joint.

Suitable for Beginners  or Pro’s

The Breville Barista espresso machine offers a convenient choice between the manual operation or programmable functions that can be personalized with the user’s favorite espresso setting.The default setting are set at the standard amount for a “short black” the 1 cup icon  button, or “coffee longu” or double shot by pressing the 2 cup icon button on the machine. The  amount of espresso extracted in the cup will vary depending on your grind and dose amounts. The espresso pressure  gauge assists in obtaining the most favorable extraction pressure, to create your ideal espresso. This is achieved by  measuring the pressure at which the water is being forced through the ground coffee.

If you are a real coffee enthusiast and you like to experiment with different coffee flavors and textures, with this Breville Espresso Machine  you are free to explore the world of espresso by adjusting grind coarseness, dose and tamp
to extract a rich variety of flavors from your coffee beans. This machine is made in Australia with high quality stainless steel design and components the 15 bar high pressure pump made in Italy.

Watch the video review below to learn more..

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 Breville Espresso Machine Features

  • Programmable espresso machine with integrated conical burr grinder
  • Preset and adjustable dose control
  • Large 230g hopper holds beans for upto 28 shots of espresso
  • Hands free grinding cradle
  • Programmable or manual coffee settings
  • 15 bar high pressure pump made in Italy
  • High quality pressure gauge
  • Multi access swivel steam wand
  • Removable dry and wet coffee separator drip tray
  • Large capacity 2 litre water tank with a water filtration system
  •  Cleaning kit with brush, tool cleaning cycle disc and tablets, measuring tamping spoon and stainless steel frothing jug
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia by the Breville Design Team
  • 12 month repair warranty

Espresso Machine Reviews

Customer review by Catherine

I recieved this as a gift for xmas and have had it now for 1 week.
It is a visually stunning machine and the quality of the espresso is just as

You need to read the instructions, and proceed from there. It is a very
easy machine to operate once you know what all the buttons are for.
I have had a starbucks machine and a gaggia classic in the past and i think
this is of superior quality.

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